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Review : Over the Line by Lisa Desrochers

*** ARC provided for by the author for an honest review ***

Writing : intense, suspenseful, descriptive 
Violence : some  
Narrative : alternating 

Over the Lines is the second novel in the On the Run series . It picks up right where Outside the Lines ended . I would recommend you checking out the first one before reading this one . Lisa has a new spin on the mafia genre . I’m a sucker for forbidden romances . And seeing this one with the whole Juliet and Romeo aspect is a great treat . 

Lee is the second oldest sibling in the Delgado family . She is the mother to her other siblings , always taking care of them and being there for them . But they have to band together once they find their selves in witness protection . The past doesn’t stay hidden forever .

Lee has a past she doesn’t want to come back but it finds its way in her house . The one person she thought she left back in Chicago finds their way back to her . One she didn’t let her other siblings find out she had a connection with . One she loved and never let go .

Oliver , the son the Chicago crime lord , he always gets what he wants . And for a brief time it was Lee . He had her . wanted her . Now he found her . Both loved each other in secret . Both living with the regret of their choices they’ve done . But they seem to always find their way back to each other . 
I didn’t put this down for a second when I picked it up . You don’t have to read the first one , Outside the Lines because  Lisa did an exceptional job of adding the details in On the Run to keep you in the loop . But it is a great book to read . I give this 4.5 stars . Check out both books in the series . You will not be disappointed . If you are a Romeo and Juilet fanatic with a mafia twist , this is a match for you .

4.5 Stars

Reviewed by Lindsey W. for B&B Book Blog