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Review : The Secret by Giana Darling


This is book 2 of the series and it kicks off right where book 1 ended . Thank god!

I mean I wanted this book like yesterday , and waiting for it I would keep thinking about to the first book .Thank you Giana for not making us wait too long . Please don’t make us wait to much longer for book 3 , I mean WOW again you cliffy’ed me , in such a good way AGAIN , but I am ok with it . . . Did I just type that ! Lmao

We have already meet Giselle aka Elle , in book one. And now that she is back home with her family , after an extended stay abroad . She is apprehensive from after being gone for so long . Not only that but she is heart sick as well from leaving Sin the way she did .

Oh boy does this book stir the pot . Not only do we find out about Sin’s significant other , but we find out that Karma seems to be playing a cruel joke them .

I could not put this book down ! I loved Sin so hard in book one knowing he was having such a hard time with his wants and desires . I didn’t begrudge him his affair .

You’re thinking what ! ? I know !

What am I saying if you read book 1 you will understand . But here in book 2 I was a little mad at our Sin aka Daniel , he was a little stand offish , I understand why , but it was like he wanted Elle to make all the choices and that’s wasn’t fair to her , or him .

Seeing Giselle interact with her family for the first time made me smile she wants and needs their approval , sure but its she doesn’t want to be alone anymore either . Her older sister Elena has a bit of a chip on her shoulder and is a little condescending in her remarks to most everyone , but especially Giselle , almost to the point of cruelty . Cosima and Sebastian are the younger siblings , twins . They try and keep everything smooth in the family , they try not to take sides and love everyone equally although Elena doesn’t make it easy .

Both the twins both have some things going on in their lives I want to , no need to, know more about . More books to come? I hope so .

Giselle , what to say about this woman who is stuck in - between what she wants , and what she can’t have . She wants to say ‘ pick me ’ but it’s not that easy . There is so much hurt and frustrations but longing and hope as well . I almost feel as though she needs excuses to be happy . I loved the growth of her as a character . I feel like she really does see and feel what is happening . I almost feel like she is the only one having those thoughts and feeling since Sin has the mask on , all the time . But no , he does cracks and you see how their situation is making him bleed just as much .

I truly don’t want to give anything away . This book is the perfect companion to book 1 and I feel like everyone should read these books not just because they are so well written , but the emotions they bring out in you whether you like this type of content or not. It’s more than an affair it’s about love , loss , faith , and destiny .

I leave you with this one quote .

“ I wanted to punish you just like this for bewitching me . ”

4 Frustratingly Beautiful Stars