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Review : Sex, Decisions & Rock N' Roll by Michelle Lee


This book was so not what I was expecting. Going by the title alone I was thinking I had this book pegged assuming it to be about a bad boy rocker, musicians and sassy female lead. However what I got was a sweet female lead who has been demoralized and a sweet considerate lead singer. I was totally hooked and give it 4 stars.

Told in from Jules’ point of view and a few snippets as a third person point of view we get to know Jules quite well. My heart ached for her and what she had been through and was still going through. Believing that she is broken and that everything that she has been told about herself for the last few years is true meaning she is not worth anything to anyone, Jules struggles to trust and believe any love or consideration that is given to her.

Jules Bennett is shy, withdrawn and has no confidence so doesn’t see herself as everyone sees her so when Dash Ford lead singer of Redemption shows interest in her she can’t quite believe it. Introduced to Dash through her best friend who is doing PR for his band Jules is taken by him and the magnetic pull that she feels towards him. She finds most situations with men difficult and suffers from anxiety and panic attacks so when Dash sees her having an attack she is mortified and assumes that she will never see him again. Jules’ low confidence, self worth and lack faith in herself are a major part of who she is and what the story focuses on but because of how it is written and the explanation for it you don’t quite feel yourself getting fed up of it and wanting her to get over it like I have done with other books. I think it shows a genuine understanding of how someone in her place would feel.

Never before has Dash been so drawn to someone. He is able to recognise that Jules has some dark past that she is dealing with but he can’t stay away from her. Dash is the sexiest rock star around and his band ‘Redemption’ is on the rise up into stardom but that doesn’t mean he can’t make time for Jules. Dash has his own troubles to overcome and both he and Jules find comfort in each other that only builds to make their connection stronger. Dash is not what you expect for a rock star, he isn’t a player that has a different woman every night, he is arrogant and cocky instead he is sweet, considerate and also a little vulnerable too. The chemistry between Jules and Dash is off the charts and going by the steaminess in the book they couldn’t quite get enough of each other.

“There’s no way my thoughts about you would be purely friendship.” 

“I just can’t stay away from you. There’s something inside you that calls to me, and I can’t ignore it. It’s too powerful to.”

The whole book was well written and I loved the connection between the two main characters. The supporting roles of friends were also quite well written that I would hope that there is more to come from both Jules’ and Dash’s friends. The down side is that the book finishes on a bit of a cliff hanger which would have frustrated me had I not had the second book geared up and ready to go on my kindle straight away. I really enjoyed the growth of Jules and Dash and you believe the instant attraction and chemistry as well as the trepidation on her part. The spanner in the works or new excitement comes from Jules’ past making me quite agitated and angry on her behalf but it certainly sets the next book up well. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.