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Review : SINdicate by Marie James

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

This is a BT Urruela Fan Fiction Book . So if you are a BT fan then you will love this book . It's a good book and you totally get to imagine BT in every scene LOL .

Trust me you won't be disappointed . He plays a hot hero who drops everything to save his girl , I mean who doesn't love that . And he shows he is a true gentleman by not taking advantage of the situations they find themselves in .

 You will get a good thrill since there is kidnapping , gambling , Mobsters and prostitution . I mean it's like your favorite TV crime show .

And there is so much of the real BT portrayed like his character is a Veteran , Model , Actor , and Trainer,  a true Hero .

Aviana is amazing she is strong , and I loved how she never became a victim she stood her ground and even refused to save herself without helping others .

The relationship is not instant and he really shows her that not all men are the same.... don't miss this book you will really enjoy it .

4 Stars

Reviewed by Deanne C.