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Review : Sour Grapes by Rachel Goodman


This was a first time I had read anything by Rachel Goodman but I enjoyed what I read and give Sour Grapes 4 stars. It is a standalone book although it is the second in ‘The Blue Plate Series’. I actually didn’t know this fact until I had finished and looked into some of the other books by Rachel. There is no need to read the first book before this although it might give some spoilers.

Margaret is from wealthy parents that are part of Texan High Society and because of that she is expected to act in a certain way. Her mother especially expects a lot from Margaret but Margaret never feels that she does anything well in her mother’s eyes even though she has a successful business and acts accordingly to her place in social circles. Feeling in a bit of a rut after a bad break up and having no support Margaret needs to get away.

When she arrives at her family B&B her grandmother gives her no time to wallow and sets her to work. Being back here though means she comes back in contact with Ryan a local vineyard owner. Have to say that Margaret really grated on me at times in the beginning and found her prejudice against others extremely frustrating but gladly she does mellow out with the help of Ryan and his friends. She also struggles a bit to accept her feelings and attraction towards Ryan as Margaret doesn’t like to be vulnerable.

“Sure Ryan’s sexy in a rough-around-the-edges kind of way, and those hazel eyes draw me to him like a bee to a flower. But even beautiful flowers can hold hidden dangers, be as lethal as belladonna berries.”

I really liked Ryan and wouldn’t mind meeting someone like him at all. He is sexy, sweet, considerate, loving and loyal there are times when you feel he is too good her Margaret. From the start his feelings towards Margaret are clear to us even if not to her but he is not to be denied and really why would you deny him. Margaret’s issues are a lot to do about her own opinion of herself and that she need to deal with that self-doubt/worth.

“When will what he thinks is charming become annoying? When will I go from snarky to flat-out bitchy? When will pursuing me turn tedious rather than fun and challenging?” 

There are light relief moments throughout from the grandmother and Ryan’s friends. The book is written in the first person POV so we see everything through Margaret’s mind and Margaret does grow on you but I still felt more for some of the other characters than I did her. Also I am not a wine drinker so the explanations of the subtleties of wine and its flavors was a bit lost on me and I felt went on a bit much. That being said I would read more from Rachel Goodman and would even go back and read the first book in this series. It’s a good story and well written.

Reviewed by Louise G.