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Review : Stay with Me by Kelly Elliott


I was hooked as soon as I read the prologue to this book and how could I not be. We all have scars of some kind and it is how we move on and deal with those scars that make us the people that we are today. That is exactly what we see the characters in this book coming to grips with. This is a funny, sweet, heartfelt and emotional adventure worthy of 4 stars. 

From the first few pages you already know that Thano is going to have some difficult times throughout the book as no one would easily get over what happened. All that, tied in with his in general easy going manner and the description of him portraying something of a Greek god then you can’t help but swoon at the thought of him. The journey he goes through really is heartfelt and you really can’t help but be a fan of his and root for him from the get go. As he and Kilyn cross paths so many times he comes to realise that maybe there is meant to be something there, if only he can truly open up to the possibility.

“I had to admit I liked the flirting thing we had going on. Kilyn’s personality was contagious. She was so damn chipper all the time.”

As relaxed and easy going as Thano is meeting someone such as Kilyn who has a lust for life and enjoying what she does is a bit of a revelation for him. Kilyn is feisty and passionate, having a spark about her that also ignites something in Thano making him want more. From the moment they met in the club and all the other run ins that follow Kilyn also can’t stop thinking of Thano and begins to realize that this might just be something. Regardless of how hard it is for Kilyn to take a chance after what she has endured it won’t work if she is the only one prepared to take that chance. Thano needs to accept what he is feeling too.

“Quickly wiping my tears away, I tried to make sense of what he was saying to me. I was beyond confused. One second he was telling me he couldn’t give me his heart and the next he was telling me how different it was with me. My head was spinning.”

True love is never easy and these two are no exception to that rule. Thano and Kilyn have great chemistry and plenty of funny moments and plenty of tense sexually charged moments but can they make it past just a few moments? Are they ready and able to move on? The fact that Thano is from a traditional Greek family and Kilyn is Irish catholic is another problem that they need to face. Going through their journey with them along with the supporting cast of family and friends is a great way to pass time and escape. The feel of the family when together certainly had me imaging scenes from My Big Fat Greek Wedding as they all congregate and talk at once and the overwhelming closeness they had. I really did enjoy that aspect though and those were some of the best bits when the family were involved and I was somewhat jealous not to be invited to the get together.

Considering the book is written by Kelly Elliott you already know you are on to a winner. She is truly talented in the way she writes and elicits emotion from the page and this book is no different. I loved the dual point of view that allowed you to get into the head of both Thano and Kilyn meaning you understood and felt for them more. I would recommend this book to all romance book lovers.