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Review : Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett

*** ARC Provided  for Honest Review ***

Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Sawyer Bennett has honestly earned all my respect and I will always be a devoted fan . She is freaking amazing . Sugar Daddy is now my all time favorite . I have even pre-ordered the next two books .

I could not put it down , I devoured it in one sitting , yes it was that GOOD . It is Brilliant , Different , Scandalous , Addicting and the Smoking Hot Sex Scenes will have you needing to pause and cool down . Or attacking your Significant other , lol , I know I did . 

I loved that it was not an instant love novel . You actually get to see their feelings grow and you fall in love with them as well . 

Sela is strong and wants nothing but revenge and is willing to do anything to get it But Beck brings down her defenses and she gives into him . And for the first time she feels peace .

Beck is the nerd behind the desk but he is also scorching HOT in the bedroom . His dirty mouth is enough to make anyone melt Their chemistry in and out of the bedroom is thru the roof . 

Warning , there is a cliffhanger , a big one , lol . But don't let that stop you .

Trust me you want to read ASAP . 

5 Amazing Stars