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Review : The Summer Games : Settling the Score by R.S. Grey


Get your passports ready folks because after reading this fast paced sexy read you will be itching to buy a ticket to Rio and experience the Olympics first hand ! 

R.S. Grey did a such a fantastic job with this one. The way she wrote about the games, atmosphere - made you feel part of it all . Like you were righter there caught up in all the emotion. 

Witty, funny, sexy and drama filled, Summer Games will have you cheering, blushing and shaking you head in dis belief at the antics of certain characters. There are so many characters I loved in this book and one or two that drove me INSANE. Each however had their own distinctive voice, personality that jumped out of the pages. Some characters from Scoring Wilder make an appearance and I loved that .. catching up with them ;) 

Andie Foster is living her dream. A rookie soccer player she is in Rio attending her very first Olympic games. Sights set on bringing home gold .. the last thing she expects the sexy Swimmer GOD who will end up putting her in the spotlight quicker than she can blink. 

Freddie Archibald .. ahh Freddie Swim God Royalty .. In and out of the pool. Gold medals galore, a title, looks that rival the most coveted male model and an amazing personality. Total package but with baggage. 

Andie and Freddie have an instant attraction. From the moment they meet sparks fly and in the emotionally charged environment of the Olympic Village things about to get hot real fast. 

Two athletes are competing for Gold but they also are competing for the other's heart as well. The competition is getting fierce and when Andie and Freddie head towards a relationship, the claws come out. Will they be able to weather the backlash, rumors and media scrutiny or walk away with memories of Rio and pangs of regret of what could of been. 

Laugh out moments, touching scenes along with the strong bond of friendship and family make this a 5 star read that everyone should one click now.