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Review : The Undercover Rock Stars by Jenna Galicki


This is a novella , so it’s a short read and boy do you want to read , about these sexy smexy hot boys . 
Cameron is in a bit of a slump after this last serious relationship and needed a little pick me up . So he went on a small vacation . Where he meets hunk-a-luscious Brandon .

His voice , his looks , his presents , stir up new and lusty emotions in Cameron that he hasn’t felt in a long time . 

Brandon is a celebrity only Cameron has no idea .Brandon takes care to disguise himself .

“Your hair is beautiful. Why don’t you wear it down?”

Brandon is caution he doesn’t know if guys want him for him or for his fame . So when he meets Cameronaka Cam , and they seem to hit it off , he is kind of waiting for the other foot to drop . 

But there is just something about Cam that Brandon feels like he can trust him .

Taking that chance might be just the best thing to happen to him .

Fan’s self , boy howdy do the pages start to steam up . 

The connection between these two leaps off the page . 

When Cam finds out who Brandon is , and meets his band mates , I just love how low key that whole scene is . Like a breath of fresh air , no fanguymoment . The guys are laid back and super chill .

Cam’s reaction to Brandon rock persona was epic ! 

I don’t think there is one thing I don’t love about these boys .

"I hope you like loud music, because you've got the best seat in the house."

But what I loved best was Brandon’s romantic streak . I know he says he likes to have a steady partner but when he got all Mr . Romance I FLOVED that !

The last bit, oh be steal my heart , not going to tell you because you so want to pick up this bad boy for yourselves . 

I want more ! More ! More ! 

Remember ; Love is Love . No matter who the people are involved . 

4 Rock My World Star’s