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Review : 30 Nights by Christine d'Abo



‘30 Nights’ by Christine d'Abo was a first for me from this author. The storyline was a bit slow and I have to say that the characters were a bit boring in themselves but when they got together, they really brought the best out of each other.

Glenna is a straight and narrow good girl. Working as a research assistant she doesn't have much of a life. But that changes after finding "sex cards" in a cemetery. Each card represented something new to do each day. Her interest was piqued and couldn't stop thinking about them. Then she walks into her crush Eric. 

Little does she know Eric has had a crush on her as well, but with his past she kept it to himself.

When the two of these characters got together and started using the sex cards, it got steamy real quick. Plus they developed more of a relationship with each other that developed feelings that was not part of the scenario for the two of them. 

Unfortunately Eric closes himself off and walks way. This Leaves Glenna fighting for what she really wants. It was nice to see Glenna fight instead of give up. Eric realizes he is better with Glenna.

I rated this book 4 stars.

Reviewed by Jennifer A.