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Review : Breaking A Legend by Sarah Robinson



‘Breaking a Legend’ is the first book by Sarah Robinson that I have read and I really enjoyed it. This book is quite deserving of 4 stars for the first in what appears to be a start of a series focusing on the Irish-American Kavanagh family.

This is a book that focuses on previous champion MMA fighter, Rory ‘Knockout’ Kavanagh and how he deals with life after a career ending injury and Clare Ivers, the woman who makes him want to be more than the has been fighter with nothing to live for.

“You made me look at my life differently, appreciate what I have, and see that happiness can be found in something as simple as someone’s smile.”

Rory is without a doubt an alpha male who demands respect and has an intense presence that Clare just can’t seem to escape from. She has been running from her past and had no intention of starting anything with any male and especially the intense, stoic and intimidating Rory Kavanagh.

“She hadn’t wanted to meet a man who made her heart beat out of her chest every time he showed up in the same room as her.”

Rory knows that Clare is holding back and he is not going to push her. He was never interesting in sticking with one woman and has previously enjoyed his time using woman as much as they use him and not giving it a second thought but after his career ending injury he has found most of his company at the end of a bottle or by popping pills. When he meets Clare he is instantly drawn to her and wants to be a better person and no longer see the disappointment in the eyes of those close to him.

The slow build of Rory and Casey’s relationship is played out well and the writing keeps you engrossed throughout. The connection between them is evident from the start but they both have their demons to face before they can move on.

Rory’s family are an amazing and the way they accept Clare and the friendship she forms with his cousin Casey is way for her to be inducted into the family and allows us to get them a bit better too. There are definitely more characters there that I wouldn’t mind reading more about. Although the family own and work around the gym this story doesn’t focus particularly around the MMA.

I am really looking forward to reading more from the series and am sure if the other books in the series are written as well as this then I will thoroughly enjoy them.

Reviewed by Louise G.