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Review : Could This Be Love by Lee Kilraine


‘Could This Be Love’ is the second book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Sijan Cates is a Hollywood star who just wants to come home and relax away from the paparazzi and craziness of Hollywood.

Avery Danford is a former actress trying to get her father's attention so when she sees Sijan, she sees the way.  She plants a big kiss on him in front of the paparazzi hoping to get the attention she needs.  Causing Sijan to state they are engaged to prevent further backlash with his career.

This was a funny book with lovable characters.  It did have some odd names in it but I was able to look past that.  It was well thought out and the story line moved on fairly well.  The supporting characters added depth to the story line and hilarious scenes.

It was a 4 star read for me.  

Reviewed by Jennifer A.