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Review : Darken by Angela Fristoe


This is the first book I have read by Angela Fristoe and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect so was quite pleased that I enjoyed the book as much as I did and would give it 4 stars. ‘Darken’ is the first book in the SIEGE Series from what I can tell each book will be able to be read as a standalone but going by the information in the first book I would imagine it will be easier to read them in order.

The blurb doesn’t quite prepare you for the science part of this romance and I wondered what was going on from the first few pages. Although there is a lot to take in from the beginning it does quiet down a bit allowing you to digest what is going on in the background of this almost forbidden romance.

Gavin Walker is intense, dangerous and shut off. He wants nothing to do with Cora as she is a reminder of all that he should have and when they are thrown together he is anything but cordial to her. The only problem he is struggling to react to her in another way when they are alone and in close quarters.

Cora Evans has always had a crush on Gavin and when she knows he is in danger she doesn’t hesitate to uproot herself to try and save him. She isn’t blind to Gavin’s time with other women and knows that if she is offered anything from him she will take whatever he will give her.

This was a really good read that was well written with interesting characters. There is still quite a few of Gavin’s family to find out more about and am sure they will make up the other books in the series. Although there was a lot going on I still would have liked a bit more about SIEGE and what it means for everyone and their skills but I am sure that we will learn more as the series goes on. I for sure will be keeping an eye out to read more in this series.

Reviewed by Louise G.