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Review : For The One by Brenna Aubrey

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

Totally in love with this book. ‘At Any Price’, Brenna's first book from this series used to be my favorite but now has been replaced. Yes it is that good. I totally love her way of writing, her sense of humor and the awareness she bring to disabilities.

This is an AMAZING yes AMAZING read. Have you watched Big Bang Theory?

Well think Sheldon Cooper in a sexy sexy way. I totally loved William. The characters honestly made me love them so much even when at times Jenna made me hate her. I mean I understand her pain but when she was being selfish willing to hurt someone just to get what she wanted it really made me angry.

William Drake is my all time favorite character from the ‘Gaming the System’ Series. He was loving, sweet, and a perfect knight. Totally my hero, I loved his nerdy side and that he was ready to defend a woman's honor. He was so innocent I wanted to protect him as the pain he held inside broke my heart. He kind of reminded me of a nerdy Mr. Darcy viewed by everyone as an arrogant person but was totally misunderstood.

Jenna was hard to love. I mean she had gone through so much and had so much pain and yes I know she was scared to open up her heart again. She had lost so much and sacrificed a lot for the little family she had left and yes she tried to help people but wow, at times yes I wanted to smack her. Sorry. She came out at selfish at some points.

This now holds a special place in my top Favorites shelf. 

5 Amazing Stars

Reviewed by Deanne C.