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Review ; For The Win by Sara Rider

For the Win by Sara   Rider


I have recently read quite a few sports based romances and thought I had already picked my favourite reads but I was wrong. ‘For The Win’ by Sara Rider is a bit of a gem that I nearly missed reading but am so glad I did get the chance as I am putting it up there with my favourites and give it 5 stars.

One of the major differences in this book is that it centres round football (soccer to American readers) and the main character Lainey Lukas is a female. Lainey is probably the best female player in the world but faces the struggle to be recognised in the sport and to gain fans as the women’s football league in any country is nowhere near par with the male leagues. Male players earn millions while females have to work second jobs just to be able to play every week. Lainey comes across as slightly arrogant and standoffish but I think if she was male it wouldn’t be as bad. Being as good as she is she has the right to be arrogant.

A prominent poster on her wall was of her hero Gabe Havelak who now coincidently plays at the same club, Seattle Surge. The club haven’t had a female team before and there are issues between the males and females regarding who trains where and general competitiveness that results in some bad press. The result from this is a battle of the sexes that not only puts Lainey and Gabe against one another but also means they have to spend some time together.

Undeniably there is chemistry and mutual admiration of the others skills with a football and this only makes the encounters between the two that much more enjoyable. They make a great couple whether they are one or not. Lainey in particular tries to ignore the budding feelings between them.

“’Are you going to kiss me?’ she blurted out before slapping a  palm over her mouth. Oh, what the hell? She’d already dug herself this deep. ‘Because you can. Kiss me, I mean. I don’t even like you, but I want to kiss you right now.’”

This book definitely took me by surprise as I hadn’t expected to love it so much. I am a football fan and love going to games lives and watching games on the television so am not sure if that influenced my feelings towards the book or not as I think you could love it just as much without any sports knowledge. The writing flows effortlessly and the connection between Lainey and Gabe is interesting to read especially because of their banter.

A great read that I thoroughly recommend and I have added Sara Rider to my list of authors to watch.

Reviewed by Louise G.