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Review : The Good Fight by Julianna Keyes



The Good Fight by Julianna Keyes was a 3.5 star read for me.  Although there was a lot I liked about the book I had a really hard time understanding the characters.  Oscar or Oz was so wishy washy with his feelings that I wanted to slap him a few times.  For him to be a fighter, it seemed he couldn't make a decision one way or the other.  

As for Susan, unfortunately to me almost seemed cold and unapproachable to all.   She had her flaws and made it hard for someone to love her unless they could get past her walls.

When the two characters were together, Oz struggled with Susan and her attempts at seeing him as more than just a goodtime.  And he wanted more than just a one night.  He wanted a future with her.  Susan ultimately realizes what Oz is able to give her and what strengths he brings to the table and how he settles her.

I liked the concept of the book, it was a bit back and forth for me but in the end I did like it.

Reviewed by Jennifer A.