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Review : Having Hope by Tabatha Vargo



Having Hope is the fourth novel of the Blow Hole Boys  series.
Chet Rhodes is the drummer for The Blow Holes  .  He is one of the sexiest men around  ,  and he knows it  .  He is a horn dog and a womanizer  .  Promising women across the world one night of absolute pleasure and devotion  .  ONE night only.  However  ,  one perfect night with a virgin could be the night that changes his perception of his life forever  .  Until he wakes up the next morning and she is gone  .

Hope Iverson is the drummer for the Red Room Sirens  .  They are a red hot girl band that is touring with The Blow Holes  .  Hope was the virgin who met Chet when she was younger and idolized him  . She thought that he was more than he was  ,  a womanizing  ,  alcoholic  ,  drug addict  .  She agonized over crossing paths again  .  She was young and stupid when she spent her one night with Chet,  but now  , he has no recollection of her or who she was  .

Five years have passed and Chet still holds the memory of Hope  ,  however  ,  he was too drunk and high to remember who she is  .  Therein lies the dilemma  .

All of Chet’s band mates have found love and devotion with their wives and children  .  He has had a tough past and is not looking for that for himself  .  He loves women and enjoys his life as it is  .  However  , the one that got away haunts him even in his dreams  .

Will the realization of who Hope is to him allow for him to be able to open himself to the possibility of forever  ?  Or will the truth of the matter hold them back from having their happy ending  ?

This novel was very good  .  I would be interested in reading the stories that lead up to this one  .  I would give this novel five stars  .

Reviewed by: Nicole W.