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Review : In The Hope Of Memories by Olivia Rivers

In the Hope of Memories

***ARC provided by the author for an honest review***

In the Hope of Memories is a standalone novel  .

Hope is a normal everyday teenager with a heart terminal disease  .  She has four amazing friends whom she loves and cares for and wants better for them even if they do not want better for themselves  . She dies in the beginning of the novel  .  All that we as the reader knows about her is that she has touched many people with her kindness and love of life and people in general  .  She creates a scavenger hunt for her friends because she needs for them to complete goals in order to be able to step up to the plate in their lives  .

Aiden has autism  .  He has a hard time in life adapting to many general circumstances  .  He also has OCD  .  During the novel his tics and counting are very prevalent.

Eric is a jock who is losing his sight  .  Not many people know this about him  .  He is afraid of what the future holds and is afraid to dare to dream of the possibility of his life as he becomes blind  .

Kali is Hope’s adoptive sister  .  She is not actually adoptive by the same people  , but they grew up in foster care together and Hope has taken her under her wing  .  Kali has anorexia and has been to rehab for her condition several times over  .  Actually  ,  she is on her way to rehab yet again because she cannot seem to conquer her condition  .

Sam is an androgenous character  .  They are described as neither male nor female  .  They have been involved in an explosion that took away her father  ,  their ability to walk  ,  has caused visible and internal scarring   ,  and left them with the hope of completing their fathers dream  .

Hope knows all of these things about these people  ,  and has created this scavenger hunt to get this group of people together  .  She wants them together so that they have to be held accountable to each other and to her and have to complete the tasks of finding all of her clues and finishing what she started  .  In the end  ,  she gives them hope that though their current situations may be bleary  ,  they can still make it to a bright future  .

In the beginning  ,  these individuals only have a small understanding of certain characters  ,  but they learn to work together as a team and have a journey and a story together that they never would have had apart  . This is a 4 star read for me.

Reviewed by: Nikki W.