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Review : Interference by Sophia Henry

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

This is book 3 from the Pilots Hockey Series. I haven't read book one or two. So this book ‘Interference’ can definitely be read as a standalone. This was a sweet read and I liked the small bits of comedy in it. Also I did enjoy the banter and chemistry between the characters. It's not your typical instant love story. They actually date!

This is book you might enjoy while at Dr's office or any waiting room since it's pretty clean when it comes to love scenes, since there is none. Like I said it was a cute sweet read that I did enjoy.

The story is about a girl from a small town with an ex and a kid who falls for the city boy who is a great guy but is confused. Anyway Indie was a great character even if at times she was too guarded. Jason was jaded even though he came from a great family he still held resentment towards biological mother for giving him up. Unfortunately he did get on my nerves at times I felt like saying get over it you had an amazing life, amazing adoptive parents why are you crying. Sorry but just had to say that. 

So yeah I did enjoy this book. Even if at times I found myself just rolling my eyes.

3 Stars 

Reviewed by Deanne C.