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Review : Into The Light by Aleatha Romig



I've always been a fan of Aleatha Romig's books and ‘Into The Light’ is no different.  Between her Consequences series or to her Infidelity series, you can never go wrong with any of her books.  Into The Light, is the start of her upcoming series ‘The Light’.  ‘Into The Light’ is the first in the two part series and it's a captivating suspense thriller that leaves you guessing from the first page.

Romig's writing will leave you guessing through the dual point of views.  You will find a pull towards Sara Adams.  Data drew you in from the moment she woke up in the medical clinic with no memory of how she got there. After a terrifying explosion, she's left blind with no memory of her life.  Let alone a life that had included a husband, Jacob or a life amongst others in a cult, The Light.   The desperation Sara feels will have you trying to piece the puzzle back together.

What I loved about ‘Into The Light’ is the dual point of views. Not only are we frantically wondering how Sara is but also what she has to be feeling with her unknown husband or the creepy cult, The Light we get Stella Montgomery.  Stella is an investigative reporter who reports amongst the dangerous streets of Detroit.   Stella has found herself investigating the missing women from Detroit. She can't figure out what is going on or how and why these women are disappearing and she needs answers.  Answers she isn't afraid of finding.  Her work becomes personal when one of her friends, Mindy becomes one of the missing women.  The deeper she gets the harder it is for her boyfriend Dylan to keep her out of harms’ way.  Although that may be a tall order when her investigation has a disturbing twist involving The Light.

When two women find a link amongst them, can they find the truth?
Will they find the answers they desperately seek?

Aleatha Romig has done it again in my book.  ‘In The Light’,  will surely be her next bestseller.  I give it 4.5 stars.  If you are looking for a new suspenseful thriller full of murder, intrigue, and deceit; check out Into The Light.  The writing throughout is intriguing and captivating with lots of suspense. The conclusion to the two part series is set to release later this year, October 18th.  While ‘Into The Light’ is releasing this upcoming 14th of June.

Reviewed by Lindsey W.