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Review : Latch by L.K. Collins



There is no slow build up to getting to know Latch and Abby as we get to know them quite intimately right from the get go. ‘Latch’ by L.K. Collins is the first book I have read by her and I promise you it won’t be the last. 4 stars from the book that definitely took me by surprise and was not what I was expecting at all and can I please ask that you don’t get hung up on the cheating and make judgements before you read this as relationships are never just black and white.

It’s actually quite hard to give a review without giving too much away in this book. From the blurb we already know that Latch is an escort (now that isn’t quite what I would call him as there seems to be no escorting but lots of sex) who is amazing at what he does and is paid extremely well for it. However for him he doesn’t like taking money from Abby as there is more than just sex, they have a deeper connection which has blurred the lines for him.

Abby is lonely and ignored by her husband. Finding herself alone most of the time as her husband is away playing but even when in the same city he doesn’t spend much time with her. When she meets Latch there is an undeniable pull towards him and he is honest from the get go about what he does. As time has progressed Abby and Latch spend more and more time together and are in constant contact.

Of course we wouldn’t be reading the story if all was great of course the husband finds out and everyone’s lives change as a consequence. Decisions need to be made about what they each want and reactions need to be dealt with. Abby in particular has some choices to make.

I can’t be more specific without giving anything away but what I can say is that be prepared to read about lots of sex (well what do you expect when he is an escort). The chapters jump from Abby to Latch points of view so you get to know them both quite well as the story progresses and you do feel for them both.

The biggest shocker is the ending. OMG what the HELL? You so do not expect that ending and I was glad when I read the author note when she tells you ‘not to through your kindle against the wall’ as the story is not over yet. For that I am thankful and will be diving straight into the next book as soon as it is available. If you love sexy male leads that find themselves in plenty of erotic encounters but with some heartfelt emotions thrown in then this book is for you.

Reviewed by Louise G.