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Review : Never Letting You Go by Dawn Martens

Never Letting You Go

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

One of the reasons I became a reviewer was to find new authors and when I received a copy of Never Letting You Go by Dawn Martens, I knew I had found one I would be happy to follow on a regular basis.

I will admit, I haven’t had the opportunity yet of reading any of her other work, but that is more because of the magnitude of reading I am trying to get through, more than anything else. So let me tell you about this cheesy little love story she gifted to me J

Have you ever been given a novella that instantly grabbed your attention? No….. well, I have definitely got one that will do just that for you…  This is a quick little love story that will have you addicted to it’s simplicity, and humour until the very end.

I personally loved it, and found it to be a refreshing read from what I have been reviewing of late. It was, for me, a great pick me up and renewed my interested in reading again.

This one tells the story of Cameron and Avalynn, two people we meet on their wedding day. Obviously marrying for love, Avalynn is devastated to learn – on her wedding day, that Cameron’s intentions weren’t as honourable. A clause in his father’s will sees Cameron needing to marry to secure his future as CEO of James Enterprise (his father’s firm), and in his eyes Avalynn is the perfect candidate for that position.

What starts as a contract of sorts, turns into so much more for Cameron and when Avalynn attempts to walk away, he fights for what he really wants………. And what he wants is his wife.

Life I mentioned before, this is a very cheesy, cliqued love story, but one that I believe you will really enjoy. I would highly recommend this and will be eagerly looking out for the next one Dawn writes.

This is a five star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J