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Review : Princess by Sapphire Knight


***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Although I am no stranger to her writing, I have been gifted the opportunity to review a copy of Princess by Sapphire Knight.

Let me just start by saying this book is 18+ and full of hard core violence and sex. Did I find that to be a problem? Hell no!!!

Out of all the MC novels I have read of Sapphire’s, this one is my personal favourite, just for the sheer rawness of it. It had me glued, and yes I mean glued to every word. I hated to put it down!

In Princess we meet none other than ‘Princess” who is daughter of the President of the Oath Keepers MC. Princess is a girl hell bent on causing her father misery for all the years of what she believed to be of hurt and neglect. Little did she know there was a reason for her father’s actions. Her plan of attack, was to sleep with as many of her father’s associates as possible to cause him embarrassment, but she didn’t count on the Nomad she was about to meet.

‘Viking’ is a man with a hidden past, a Nomad with no ties to any one motorcycle club who he does as he pleases, when he pleases. After finishing up a job with the Oath Keepers MC, Viking and his fellow Nomad brothers stick around town frequenting a local bar. For Viking, life is simple, if there is a job to be done, or someone to be taken care of, it’s done, without hesitation. He has a thirst for violence and blood that he is only too happy to quench. A man with no ties or commitments, until the day a certain blonde walks through the door.

That was the moment he became fixated.

I can see how this story may not be for everyone, but it is a well thought out, and written account of a twisted sense of the term ‘love story’ and I for one loved it. Like I mentioned it has a rawness to it that draws you in and keeps you hanging on every word to see how it will end. There is so much I could tell you about this story but I think you should just read it for yourself.

**On a side note – I have a warped sense of appreciation for playing pool now, that you will have to read the book to understand  ….  LoL  ….  Oh and I am really curious about a mysterious man by the name of ‘Nightmare’ **

This is a five star read for me

Reviewed by Stacey J