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Review : Pitching My Heart by Karly Morgan & Samantha Long


Pitching My Heart was the first read for me by both Karly Morgan and Samantha Long. I found this to be a well written book that had a few surprises that I wasn’t expecting. Going by the blurb I hadn’t expected this to be as emotional as it was. I give it three and a half stars.

Kat loves sport and has been a lifetime fan of baseball in particular and being a sports journalist is her favorite job. Kat is assigned to try and snag an interview with the ever elusive Weston Dukes. He is known for not doing interviews but Kat has a past with him that might just mean he will speak to her.

Weston is the star pitcher and is quite a private person. He doesn’t like giving interviews but the request from Kat has him intrigued to see her again and find out if she is exactly what he remembers.

There is an attraction that is still there between the two of them but there are plenty of reasons why there is hesitation on Kat’s part. Kat and West grow closer the more time they spend together but there is a surprise for West that might just put an end to everything.

This book wasn’t as straight forward as I thought the story would be, it was a bit more in depth and emotional than the blurb makes you think. The characters are quite likable for the most part although it did take me a little time to warm up to Kat unfortunately. This is a good chic lit story even though there are a few times it seems forced or rushed it still has parts that I really enjoyed and found myself smiling while reading. Although there was still a few parts that I was really frustrated with and would have possibly preferred that had been written or expressed differently but overall it was a good read.

Reviewed by Louise G.