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Review : Rebellion Project by Sara Schoen

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

The Rebellion Project by Sara Schoen is a standalone novel  .

Lauren Scott is a normal  ,  quiet teenager  .  She makes good grades and is always on her best behavior  .  She tells adults when the other students are doing things that they shouldn’t be doing  ,  like cutting class  ,  and other delinquent behaviors  .  With her actions  ,  the other students dub her goodie-goodie  ,  or GG  .  She cannot seem to do anything to change this  .  He goodie-goodie nature will not allow for her to be able to do what she needs to do in order to become the person that she wants to be  .  She has always followed the rules that her parents have laid out for her  .  Even to the point where she is currently looking into schools that her parents approve of and she is looking into studying to be a doctor  ,  which is something that she does not want to do at all  .  She continues to be the good girl  ,  and to follow the rules through it all  ,  until one day she walks in on her father and his mistress  .

Kayden Daniels has been the bane of her existence since the beginning of high school  .  Lauren and Kayden were friends in elementary school  ,  but due to her goodie-goodie nature  ,  Kayden has fallen into steps with his fellow students and teases Lauren the most  .  He is the one that actually gave Lauren her spiteful nickname after she snitched on him  .

Lauren has dealt with all of the teasing and dirty tricks played on her by her fellow students and has only had one friend that has stuck by her from the beginning  .  Parker Collins has done her best to encourage Lauren to break out of her shell and to begin to be herself and follow her dreams  .  She understands what Lauren really wants to do in life and why she is how she is  .

Lauren goes to Parker for assistance in breaking out of the mold that she has been in since she was a child, but it doesn’t quite work  .  Parker then insists that Lauren turn to Kayden for assistance with her rebellion  .  In return to meet Lauren’s request  ,  Kayden wants only one thing  ,  her virginity  .

Will Lauren go through with her change  ?  Will she be able to give her virginity to Kayden if everything works out  ?

This novel by Sarah Schoen is very well written  .  She does well in her explanation of the high school experience as told by the goodie-good girl  .  I would rate this book a four star novel  .  I would recommend this novel to anyone that does not have a real experience as to what it is to be on the wrong end of bullying  .  Also  ,  I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good YA novel  .

Reviewed by: Nicole W.