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Review : Rewritten by Lauren Runow

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

‘Rewritten’ is book two from Unwritten Series . Ok so let's start by saying book one is way better than book two sorry. Although I did enjoy it, I did feel like main story got pushed a little aside to add more characters. I really did love those characters though and their POV but I feel like Allison and Charlie lost some of their magic. In the first book yes I was cheering for Allison but on this book she kind of got on my nerves as I felt like she was being too dramatic with her "I need time", man that got annoying. Honestly being Charlie I would have said see ya later, lol. Sorry!. .....OK Charlie did mess up but he apologized she took him back but it's like she just needed to either let him go or just deal with it instead of just holding it against him. I missed the plot twists that I have grown to love from Lauren.

Charlie comes back from Paris to deal with problems, but does not want to lose Allison, and will give anything up for her. He is super sweet and still an amazing guy. He has so much going on because of Jacquelyn. His life is upside down but he will fight to make it right and build his life with Allison.

After being apart, Allison comes back from Paris, she is in love with Charlie, but seems every time she thinks she's over his past something happens to bring it back. Now she has to decide if she wants to move forward or give up on the love of her life.

We also get to see Nichole and Paul’s story develop which makes me wonder if Lauren will write about them next. I really enjoyed them a lot and I think they stole the show from Charlie and Allison a bit in this one. Lol. I'm still a little unsure about the ending though as I’m not sure I believe it. Overall I did find it was a good read.

4 Stars 

Reviewed by Deanne C.