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Review : Saving A Legend by Sarah Robinson

Saving a Legend (Kavanagh Legends, #2)


This is the second in the Kavanagh Legends series but ‘Saving a Legend’ can be read as a standalone but I honestly don’t know why you wouldn’t want to read the first one prior to this as they are great books. This is a strong 4 star read for me.

I have read the first book in this series and although I really enjoyed it I have to say that I loved Kieran Kavanagh’s story so much more than his brothers. Kieran Kavanagh is fresh out of jail after being caught mixed up in underground fighting and receiving a sentence of two years. Fighting is something that is important to the Kavanagh family as they own the local MMA gym that has produced some amazing fighters and the Kavanagh’s themselves are no slouches in the Octagon ring. Kieran had the potential to be as good if not better than his older brother Rory but then he was sent to prison.

When Kieran meets Fiona he can’t think of anything else so when a series of innocent meetings allow him to wear him down and have her accepting a date from him he is determined to not let her go. Fiona however has responsibilities as the guardian for her younger sister Shea and can’t allow herself to be side tracked and influenced by Kieran, even if he makes her feel like no one ever has.

Shea also plays a big important role in this story and is a character that I thought was written extremely well. The understanding and truthfulness in the depiction of Shea was something that really resonated with me and I want to say a well done to Sarah Robinson for this.

The Kavanagh family as a unit are again a big part of the story and are such a welcoming family that I wouldn’t mind being part of it myself. This is another well written story with two main characters struggling to find their place in the world and finding each other but being too vulnerable and scared to open up.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and am already thinking up scenarios in my head of how the other Kavanagh family members will fight and find love. Great read and I would happily recommend it.

Reviewed by Louise G.