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Review : Secrets and Promises by Jane Anthony

Secrets and Promises

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

‘Secrets and Promises’ is a standalone novel by Jane Anthony  .
Jillian Morello is the kid sister of AJ Morello Jr  .  They have lost both their parents and are currently trying desperately to keep the family business going  .   Jillian has always been the little sister who tags along with her brother  and yet he never made her feel as though she were a pain to have around  .  She has currently put college on hold so that she can help her brother out with the business.

Jameson Tate is a friend from the past  .  He has come into town after five years so that he can handle some business  .  Little does he know that this will not be just a quick stay  .  He makes a stop by the shop to visit the Morello family  ,  he learns of their current situation  ,  and he stays on to  help them out as much as he can  .

Something begins to happen between Jameson and Jillian  .  Initially  ,  neither of them understands it  .  Jillian used to be just  AJ’s kid sister  .  A cool kid that used to hang around when they were trying to create a garage band together  .  But after five years  ,  she is so much more now.

AJ is adamantly against there being a relationship between Jillian and Jameson  .  There is also something from Jameson’s past is casting a shadow over his current relationships  .

Will the truth set them all free  ,  or will things cause a rift that can’t be overcome   ?

This was a very good book  .  The characters were very interesting and the relationships were well thought out  .  The big secret and reveal was slightly shocking  .  I would give this book four stars  .

Reviewed by: Nicole W.