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Review : Slide by T. Gephart

Slide by T. Gephart


Already being a fan of T. Gephart and the other series’ based around bands and their members so had high hopes for this series that focuses on the band Black Addiction. The first book in the series ‘Slide’ centres round the lead guitarist from the band. This book didn’t disappoint and in my opinion is a 5 star read.

Rusty Crawford is the epitome of the lead guitarist/rock star. He is quite content living his life, enjoying his time with different women and just taking things as they come as his band is reaching the ranks of stardom. I loved Rusty and his easy going ways, nothing phasing him and he seems to have the ability to calm those around him too. Extremely good looking and charming to boot there nothing bad that can rally be said about him.

Having a good job and being settled in her relationship Alison thinks that her life is going great. Due to get a promotion and with the possibility of moving in with her partner means that she is blindsided when it comes crumbling down around her.

The first time Rusty notices Alison in a local bar and he is taken by how beautiful she is but Alison has been aware of him for some time and has tagged him as ‘hot guy’ with his unbelievably good looks. Things might not develop then but they are brought together again soon after.

Never having been interested in more than the odd night with a girl Rusty is happy to be in Alison’s life however she will have him. For her she feels the same and is extremely grateful for all that he does for her.

If I was reading the same timescales and content written any other way with different characters I would say it moves too fast and is unbelievable but with Rusty and Alison you can believe that he would be her knight riding in on a white horse offering help the way he does. I think it works because Rusty is so relaxed and genuine that you believe he would help anyone if he could. The connection between them is palpable and you are excited by the prospect of them getting together.

The style of writing going from Alison and Rusty’s POV throughout lets you get to know them more in depth and you get a better understanding of how they feel. The humour and banter between not just the main characters but other band mates and friends definitely adds to the enjoyment of reading the book and also makes me want to be involved in their group somehow as I wouldn’t mind hanging out with any of them.

There are a few twists in the tale but it is without a doubt a book you’ll enjoy from start to finish and won’t want to put it down once you start. Sad that it ended as I really enjoyed it the only choice I had was to jump right into the next book to read more about the drummer this time. If you love a good humoured, contemporary romance with hot musicians then read this.

Reviewed by Louise G.