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Review : Stand by T. Gephart

Stand by T. Gephart


‘Stand’ is the third book in the ‘Black Addiction’ series by T. Gephart and it is just as good as the others. I can’t seem to see past these sexy rockers and the females they come across. This is yet another 5 star read for me as truly doesn’t disappoint.

Book number three focuses the last member of the band that we have to read about (which makes me a little sad actually) and it is the tale of Max Reynolds, the bassist for the band. Max has come across in the previous books as the guy that will be there for others whatever is needed and nothing is too much. This impression of him is only reinforced in this book. He is as sexy as sin but also as sweet as can be.

Settling down after there last tour Max takes time to look for and settle into a new flat but as the rest of the band have found love Max begins to wonder if he will ever find love too. When a friend suggests that he may have already met the one he loves Max admits to himself that the only person he ever saw like that was Beth. So when he finds out that his on again off again girlfriend from his past lives in the same building, he re-evaluates what it is that he wants.

Beth Hart has known Max since high school and hasn’t seen him since she walked away a few years back. They didn’t end on bad terms but Beth felt that the best thing for both of them was to follow their own paths and see what happens. In the past Beth and Max always ended up finding each other as the ease that they came together and the joy that they found in each other was always something they both cherished. When they find each other this time though, Beth is hesitant as she is not sure how she will be when it ends this time round.

Coming to the realisation that Beth is it for him Max has his work cut out for him but he is not one to be deterred.

Again like the other books it focuses more on the people than the actual band. The band members are in this book and are brilliant as ever but it is Max that steals the show. He is amazing in every way and is loving, sweet, protective, gorgeous and much more. Beth is also strong and beautiful but it is the banter and wit that is written throughout the book that makes you love the characters and the writing. An entertaining book filled with laughter and joy as well as the sexy musician just can’t fail. I truly recommend that you read this book as well as the other in the series as you won’t be disappointed. This has truly cemented T. Gephart as one of my favourite authors and I will be one clicking all of her books from now on.

Reviewed by Louise G.