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Review : Steal my Breath by Nina Levine

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

Let me start by saying this is my first time reading this authors work and wow I have now become an instant fan. She really blew me away with this book. I loved her style and loved the whole story. I would not change one sentence. This book has what every book lover wants, romance, heartbreak, angst, suspense, humor and yes super HOT Sex scenes.

Nina managed to make me cry then laugh, it was like a roller coaster of emotions.

Totally beautiful. The characters made me fall in love with them not just Luke and Callie but even the secondary characters were amazing.

Luke was hot and definitely one that deserves a spot in your book boyfriends list. He was closed off to everyone. Wow, don't want to give any spoilers so can't go too much into his character lol. But I loved how serious, bossy, strong and protective he was . Totally swoon worthy.

Callie was sweet, selfless, always helping those around her, she wanted Love and she was looking so hard for it . It was very easy to love her. Her humor was totally fitting and not over done. It made her more real. She always stood up for what she believed even if it took away her happiness.

The relationship between Luke and Callie was very organic. Not over done or pushy. No instant love. 

Their relationship grows as we read and they totally become a beautiful couple. When the words ‘it's complicated’ come up its nothing of what we expect and I loved that . The plot twist was amazing and wow made me not want to put book down. Totally recommend everyone to read. This is definitely a one-click.

5 Amazing Stars 

Reviewed by Deanne C.