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Review : Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin


Being a fan of Heidi McLaughlin meant that I jumped at the chance to read ‘Third Bade’ when it came up. Whenever you read a book by Heidi you know it is going to be well written and with great characters and this wasn’t any different. It had to be 4 stars for this one.

 This was slightly different in that it was a sports romance which seems to be quite a popular subgenre just now but the difference with this one is that although it is about a M/F relationship it is written from the male POV.

Ethan Davenport is a rising star in the professional baseball game and is getting a lot of attention of and on the field. However not all that attention is welcomed and in particular there is a blog that takes pot shots at his personal life and previous faux pas he has made on social media. Ethan has been a bit naïve with the things he has said on twitter and has been blocked from giving any interviews because of his stupidity. These are some funny bits as Ethan openly admits what a fool he has been.

Daisy is an avid baseball fan and attends every home game sitting in the same season ticket seat. After almost a year of stares back and forth between her and Ethan he finally plucks up the courage to get her attention. Once Daisy and Ethan actually chat he realises that there is something special about this girl and he wants to get to know everything about her.

I enjoyed how the story played out and although at times I felt that Ethan was a bit young and blinkered in his thinking but when I thought about it you realise that he is portrayed exactly as how he is described. I am not sure I agreed with the decisions he makes and what he then does but again that is part of the point, I think.

Not being a baseball fan at all and actually knowing nothing about the sport did put me at a slight disadvantage with this read as for me there was a lot of information about the game. I understand it was an important factor in the story but at times I was slightly lost with it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this book or wont real others in the series, I will definitely be reading the future books in this series as it goes without saying that Heidi McLaughlin is a one click author for me.

A great beginning to a new series even providing us with some familiar characters that I loved getting a small glimpse of again. The secondary characters are funny and interesting and I can only assume which ones will make an appearance in the rest of the series.

Reviewed by Louise G.