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Review : Trinity by M. Never



‘Trinity’ by M. Never was a fast paced novella that I didn’t want to end. I’m not always a lover of reading novellas but loved this one and it was a 5 star read for me. M. Never definitely knows how to bring the heat and this book had plenty.

Jenn meets Chase and Shane while behind the bar of the restaurant/bar that she manages and although finds them both extremely attractive she quickly catches on to them being in a relationship. Aww well, at least they were good to look at but what she can’t quite figure out is why they are BOTH flirting with her.

Her shift ends and after some drinking and dancing things heat up to point of quickly needing someplace to go so they can deal with the sexual tension between the three of them. Never having been with two guys at the same time before Jenn lets them take the lead and she is so turned on by the two of them. An amazing night and no regrets, but it isn’t left at just that. Chase and Shane want to have a relationship with Jenn and she has to seriously consider if she can handle both men.

Doubts are raised when she finds out who they work for, her enemy. What she needs to figure is if that also makes them her enemy. Shane and Chase aren’t going to give up on Jenn easily as they both think there is a connection that makes them one hell of a trinity.

This is a book filled with heat and passion and some hot sex scenes. An amazing quick read that is filled with emotional moments, drama, love and more sex. I would happily of read more of this trinity but loved it as it was.

Reviewed by Louise G.