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Review : Ace of Harts by Dani Rene

Ace of Harts


The ‘Ace of Harts’ novel started off extremely hot. The employee and boss affair was fun and exciting. But wait, Miss Dani Rene threw in a twist, a love triangle. I am leaving it at that because I don’t want to ruin the whole story. However, the love triangle was quite predictable.

The sex is incredibly hot between Tristan and Emily and then Emily and Bash. If you like steamy, very vivid detail of the hitting the sheets scenes, then this is the novel for you. I don’t think there was a chapter that did not have multiple sex scenes in it. Which could be good and bad at the same time!

One thing I would like to mention to Dani Rene, you had multiple opportunities to add to their story. I feel this novel had potential to be more than sex. At times, I got tired of reading the same sex scene over and over. I wanted more of the story behind the sex. Then the love triangle between Tristan, Emily and Bash left me disappointed at the end. I felt Emily chose the wrong guy. I think she made a mistake. Another thing, this novel had instalove all over it. In ways was unbelievable.

Overall, I really did enjoy this novel. Dani Rene had me hooked and it was a fast read for the most part and probably could have ended a lot sooner than it did. With that, my rating for this novel is Four Stars.

Reviewed by Kris F.