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Review : Below The Surface by Elizabeth Lee


When I read ‘Below The Surface’ by Elizabeth Lee I was thrilled to get caught up in the mystery and adventure as well as the romance of the story. Truthfully I also have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to a good second chance romance and this was right up there with some of the best of them. A 5 star read that I loved.

Dani and Dylan were hurt badly by their break up and each blame the other for the break up making it harder to get over when they are brought back together again 5 years after they parted ways. Brought back together to hunt for a sunken ship and the treasure it holds, coincidentally the same ship tat brought them together before means they have to deal and work with each other.  They would discover whether this would give them the closure they needed or bring them back together and allow them the second chance at true love.

Dylan didn’t really feel like he had any other choice other than to stop looking for treasure and do something more stable to support his sister when tragedy strikes. Moving locations and leaving Dani behind in Key West meant the end for their relationship. leaving his heart behind Dylan went and took over his fathers salvage business to provide for him and his sister. So when he gets a call from his friend to say that he has a lead on the Spanish ship they had been looking for before he feels compelled to go and be involved in the discovery.

Dani would love to say she didn't still love Dylan but that was far from the truth and having him around again is difficult. the relationship between the two of them consists of pushing an pulling from both of them. Who is at fault for the end of their relationship is a bone of contention that still has a lot o feelings of anger attached. The banter and the back and forth between them doesn't detract from the intense connection that they have. You can;t help but root for them as it is obvious they should be together. 

This book had a great mixture of history, adventure, mystery and romance with a treasure hunting theme that keeps you enthralled in the story wanting to know what happens next. The characters were really well written and extremely likeable. You feel invested in the characters and live in hope throughout that they get their second chance at love. While reading you will be subjected to whole range of emotions that only make it a better read. Elizabeth Lee is definitely onto a winner with this book and I can't find anything not to like about this romantic treasure hunting adventure.

Reviewed by Louise G.