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Review : Blind Side by K.B. Nelson

Blind Side

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

OK, Blind Side by K.B. Nelson did totally blind side me. I must start by saying that I had a hard time writing this review. It was made harder as I'm not a person that enjoys reading about it or thinks that cheating is ok. This author does have a great skill to her writing and just because it was not for me and I found it a little wrong about the whole Student/ Teacher relationship it does not mean others won't enjoy it.

The story was very building well and was we'll written. It's hard to understand until you get to know the whole story. While reading you will find yourself loving and hating these characters. It's very emotional and draining but it will still leave you wanting more.

Also I really don't think the blurb does it justice. If you are ok with reading Student /Teacher love triangle then you will enjoy it. It's full of Drama, Angst and Emotion.

You understanding once you read it how it is very hard to write this review because I don't want to spoil anything.

This is a book you must read to make up your own judgment. But give it a try. as it was a good book and i would give it 3.5 stars.

Reviewed by Deanne C.