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Review : Bound To You by Skylar Nightingale

Bound to You

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

Bound to You by Skylar Nightingale

Wow.... this was my first read from this Author, but she has now made it to my must keep eye on list. This was a 4 star read for me. This was very sweet, heartbreaking, a real tear jerking read. Make sure you have lots of Kleenex with you. This is a friends to lovers book. It was very innocent young love. And that was ok with me I actually enjoy these reads.

This was a roller coaster of emotions for me and I loved it. I had a love & hate relationship with Nina, she was just driving me crazy with her all over the place attitude. I understood her fears but come on make up your mind, jump or get off the cliff.

Terry well he was just super sweet, wanting to do it all and be all for Nina, he wanted to Love her and be Loved by her. He was just waiting for right time but when would that be when she kept moving forward the pulling back. I honestly was beginning to lose hope.

This was a great roller-coaster where you question if there will ever be a HEA.
Just when you are throwing in the towel it just pulls you back in. Yes I recommend this book.

Reviewed by Deanne C.