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Review : The Collar Of Freedom by Alexandra Iff

The Collar of Freedom by Alexandra Iff

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

The Collar of Freedom by Alexandra Iff is the first novel in the Collar Duet  .

Amelia Jones is a mother and a wife  .  She works every day and the only pleasure in life that she receives comes from being a mother to her twin sons  .  However  ,  at the moment  ,  her children are away for the summer  .  She is in a country that she was only supposed to be in for the longest a year  .  And she has been there for over 10 years  .  She has been married for ten years  ,  and they are not happy  .  She feels like her husband is too wrapped up in hisself and she has given until she cannot give anymore  .  But what to do  ?

Alexander Reeves is a super rich man  .  He has just purchased the company that Amelia works for  .  He is strong willed and tempting  .  He can have any woman he wants  ,  but there is something that draws him to Amelia and he cannot resist the temptation that she is  .

Amelia fights her attraction to Alexander with everything that she has to fight  .  But the draw to him is so deeply embedded in her that she just can’t  .  Each time she goes to him  ,  she regrets it afterwards  , but she just can’t stay away  .   Until she comes to the point that she doesn’t fight it any longer and she gives into the one thing that she is not getting from home  ;  love  .

Alexander fights his feelings for Amelia until they grow to be too much for him to handle  .  He desired her from the start  ,  but the desire is not enough and love soon develops  .  His past scares him and he is not sure of letting himself go again  .

I would give this novel five stars  .  The twists and turns alone were too much for me  .  Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.