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Review : Covet by Janet Nissenson

Covet by Janet Nissenson

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Covet by Janet Nissenson is the first novel I have read for this author and as I have discovered the prequel for a series she has written.

Although I haven’t read any of her others, I don’t believe you would need to in order to read this one. I found that this story told the tale of Tessa Lockwood and Ian Gregson’s before whatever may have happened in the next instalment.

In this one we meet Tessa whose life is less than ideal, one that is full of tragedy. I found her to be a very strong willed character who drew you in, making you feel everything that she felt. Everything written about Tessa’s character made it life like, and gave it a very real feeling to it, which I love in stories.

We also meet Ian, heir to Gregson Hotel Group who is one of those Alpha males who expects nothing but respect. To me it appeared that everything Ian did was by the book, he was a rule follower and one who never once crossed the line.  Well that was until Tessa walked into his life….

As with many good love stories, this one has it villains and they are thrown in just to create a little chaos into both Ian’s and Tessa’s lives, making their story even more appealing.

What I loved about this story was the way the storyline and the character developed. It was really well written and structured and although there is a cliff-hanger, it will make you want to buy the next book just to see what is install next for these two.

I for one will be buying Splendor just to see what Janet has install for Tessa and Ian. It is one I would recommend.

This is a four-star rating from me

Reviewed by Stacey J