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Review : Cream Of The Crop by Alice Clayton


Although this is book two in the ‘Hudson Valley’ series it can be read as a stand alone without feeling like you are missing any information from the first book. ‘Cream Of The Crop’ by Alice Clayton is a great, fun, 4 star romance read that entertains from the start. I hadn't read the first book in the series so wasn't sure what to expect with the story but new it would be a good to read based on Alice Clayton’s writing in other books.

Natalie is the quintessential New York woman. She is a talented ad exec that loves everything about the city and her work. Natalie is also a bit of a foodie and has a particular penchant for cheese. Every weekend she would get up early on a Saturday morning to make her way to the farmers market to pick up some brie from the extremely hot farmer who makes it.

Usually an extremely confident woman who has grown to love and accentuate her curves Natalie can’t seem to string a proper sentence together when she comes face to face with Oscar the maker of the some of the best cheeses she has tasted. Oscar has become the star of many of Natalie’s fantasies and because of that and how she acts when around him she begins to make up scenarios of why it is maybe better she doesn't get to know him.

“What if, once we start talking, he no longer scrambles my brain? What if, once I get to know him, there’s no grrr behind the golden? What if—and I had to sit down to even say this out loud—what if he’s got a teeny weenie?”

Oscar is a man of few words, he runs a very small creamery and makes some of the best artisanal cheeses around. His creamery is in Hudson Valley and he makes his way the city to sell his cheese every weekend.

When an ad campaign comes up to rebrand Hudson Valley’s tourist industry Natalie jumps at the chance. A trip to Hudson Valley to do the campaign and catch up with her best friend who lives there and who coincidentally knows the quite handsome farmer. 

The situations that Natalie finds herself in are hilarious. This is a sweet fun romance with lots of laughs. Natalie is a confident woman who is not ashamed to use her curves and confidence to attract men. She is a beautiful woman and she has caught the eye of Oscar but as he is a man of few words and as she becomes a bumbling fool when she is in his company it is hard for them to open up.

When reading this you have a very clear picture of who Oscar and Natalie are and that makes them seem real to you. Natalie is definitely a friend you would want to have, she’s funny, smart and quick witted. There is plenty of chemistry and sexual tension between Oscar and Natalie and you cant help but cheer for them from the sidelines. All the characters come over as well developed and interesting, it leaves you wanting to read more about Hudson Valley and its inhabitants. Oscar and Natalie have a lot to consider if they plan on being together, his life is in the country and she is THE city girl. What they decide to do and how it can work out is enjoyable to read. I would recommend this to true romance lovers and anyone who wants a light, fun, witty read.

Recommended by Louise G.