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Review : Damaged by Kristine Dugger

Damaged (Damaged Series Book 1)

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Damaged, a debut novel by Kristine Dugger, is one of those sporting novels, but of a different kind.
This particular one revolves around the world of softball and the characters Miranda and Blake, making it a refreshing read from the norm.

I really enjoyed how this book developed as it gave you a true representation of the extent of ‘damage’ that plagued Miranda and her ability to open up as a person. Opening her heart and letting down her guard is something Miranda struggles with and not just slightly, majorly.

What I loved though was the reality of the characters and the way Kristine describes them in her novel. You felt every bit of Blake’s frustration when it comes to Miranda, much to the point where you would just love to whack her across the back of the head to install some sense in her. You also watch as she grows and develops throughout the story, which will give you some sense of joy to watch someone so traumatised by a past relationship finally find true happiness.

The story itself has a steady pace and it develops at a fantastic rate allowing you to not only get to know both Miranda and Blake individually but also as a couple. Watching them stumble and fall over and over again is where the frustration comes in, but it’s worth the wait to see how it ends.

As a debut I thought this was a fantastic book and really do look forward to reading Kristine’s next instalment, from Blake’s point of view. Now that will be interesting!!

Don’t just go by my word, it really is a must read and one that I will definitely recommend.
This is a five star read for me

Reviewed by Stacey J