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Review : Hottest Mess by J. Kenner

Hottest Mess (S.I.N., #2)


After reading the first book in this series ‘Dirtiest Secret’ I couldn’t wait to jump in and read ‘Hottest Mess’ by J. Kenner and it was as good as I was hoping and expecting it to be. This is only the second book by J. Kenner that I have read but I am becoming quite the fan and plan on going right back to the start of all her book and devouring them all. This is another 5 star read.

In the first book we learned about Dallas Sykes and his feelings for Jane Martin and what she feels in return. Nothing wrong you might think butt these two are related. Raised as brother and sister,and although there has been time and distance between them they still can’t ignore or deny the feelings they have for one another.

To the outside world Dallas is the playboy billionaire that throws amazing parties and is renowned for his ability to pleasure countless numbers of women. The problem is though that this is not the true Dallas, the Dallas that Jane sees now and always has. 

Jane tried to stay away from him but there is no point denying it to herself any longer, she belongs with Dallas. Unfortunately because of who they are it has to remain secret and no-one can suspect anything. Dallas has been it for jane since they were children and that will not change but can they really be together? Can they have some sort of life together?

The kidnapping that happened to Dallas and Jane and the torture that he had to endure has left lasting damage to Dallas and Jane. Both of their lives and work have been influenced by what happened. Jane writes books about it but Dallas has a team of men set up that try to save victims like him. While saving others Dallas and his team are also trying to find out who took him and Jane when they were younger and specifically who the man and woman are that kept them captive. this investigation causes all sorts of issues for them both as things appear to be tangled up in a web of someone close to them.

The chemistry and sex between Dallas and Jane is off the charts. The heat practically radiates from the page. Jane is willing to do what it takes to be with Dallas fully and Dallas is frightened of hurting Jane in any way. When reading you can’t help but root for this couple and hope they can eventually step out from the shadows together and share their love.

This book is sexy, romantic, steamy and thrilling all wrapped into one extremely well written package. The point of view changes from Jane to Dallas allowing us to see into their heads and get the extra bits of information that explain their behaviours and actions better but also means you become more invested in them too. Reading the first book is a must and then there will be another book after this in which I hope we will finally find out who the masked woman who tortured them is. The suspense caused by the backstory of the kidnapping and the ongoing investigation into it make this a thrilling ride too which is a great change in the romance genre I've read of late. I honestly can’t recommend this book enough and definitely means I will be adding J. Kenner to my automatic one click list.

Reviewed by Louise G.