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Review : Jonquils For Jax by Kate Regnery

Jonquils for Jax by Katy Regnery

****Arc provided by author for a honest review****

I feel the need to ask you if you have read a book by Katy Regnery? If the answer is yes. You are in for a new summer favorite. A bestseller. If your answer is no. You have to read her work. I'm ecstatic to introduce you to her. Katy Regnery is a goddess with words. She is phenomenal with words. Every book of hers makes their way from my TBR list to my phone. You can never go wrong in reading a book from Katy Regnery. From her rendition of fairytales in her Modern Fairytale Series, "The Vixen and the Vet". Or her ever growing Blueberry Lane Series, "Breaking Up With Barrett". You will surely find one of her novels to your liking.

When I found out Katy was planning on her next project involving the Blueberry Lane gang, I was ecstatic. And for it to be the Rousseaus Series. I was over the freaking moon. I couldn't wait to read it. It's awe inspiring how much dedication, and research Katy invest into her novels. And Jonquils For Jax is no exception. How effortlessly she used another language throughout Jacqueline and Gardener's dialogue is truly remarkable.

God, I fell in love with Gardener. Gardener Pierre Thibodeaux is truly a great addition to the men of Blueberry Lane. He commands the stage, with his rugged manners, and gentle touch. Gardener captivated my love for him and Jacqueline from their first meeting. I envy their love story. I live for Blueberry Lane, I live for a love like Jacqueline and Gardener. 

Jacqueline "Jax" Rousseau, walks into our lives the moment she walks away from her brother's wedding party. In her haste getaway, Jax is captivated by her neighbor's estate gardens. As well as the temporary gardener attending them. With high society running through her veins, meeting a man like Gardener Pierre Thibodeaux, she didn't know what she was getting into. Her life involves balls, polished heels, pearls dripping around her perfumed neck. Her kind of life didn't have room for a blue collar man like Gardener. 

Gardener Pierre Thibodeaux, didn't know what to make of a woman like Duchess. Or more importantly what did she see in him? Gardener wasn't the champagne drinking, wearing the penguin suit type. Nope. Gardener was the scuff boots wearing, chasing perps down the broken streets of Philly.

He knew where he belonged, among the flowers in the garden. 
While Jacqueline belonged admiring them in a vase in Le Chateau.

I found one of my favorite quotes that to me gives a sense to Gardener. The way their love can capture you way beyond the pages. Everyone has a person who loves them for who they are; for the person they have yet to become. The struggles you face, the insecurities of your worth. How you perceive if you are good enough to love someone. 

Jonquils For Jax is a phenomenal book. One I am privileged to say I read. One I hope you take to heart. One I hope you enjoy as much as I have. Because each book of Katy Regnery finds their mark, and seals themselves to my soul. 5 burning stars*****

Reviewed by Lindsey W.