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Review : Pennies by Pepper Winters


Okay so when you open a book and you have in front of you a page warning you that you will be in for dark romance, hard to read scenes and graphic content you know there is no way you are putting that book down and not reading on. And WOW what a book it was. It is definitely my book of the year so far and I think I will be hard pushed to find one to top it. 5 MASSIVE STARS for this book.

 Sometimes when you read a book, it doesn’t matter what but for some reason at the time you read it, the mood you are in and the emotions you feel just all come together to leave you feeling the impact of the words you have read for long after you put it down. Days after I read ‘Pennies’ by Pepper Winters it was still difficult for me to put together a comprehensive review and not just be reeling from what I had read and no longer be almost agitated at the thought of what do I do now, I can’t wait, I need to know what happens.

This is by no means a love story, well not for this part of the series. Tasmin is abducted and is then forced to be a slave, beaten, abused, violated and mutilated. Still however one of the strongest characters both on and off the page. By reading from her mind and knowing what she is thinking and knowing how she manages to survive you can’t help but be enraged, repulsed, angered, frustrated and determined all on her behalf, wishing for a terrible end for her tormentors.

There is someone different and new who is introduced into her life and with his presence she can feel hope but that is dampened down but the sense of darkness and danger she feels from him also. Elder is a thief, an amazing thief, the best at what he does. He has not shied away from the world of pain and punishment but even he has morals. Torn between intrigue of this girl and the honour in which he concludes business, he knows that Tasmin is of no business to him or at least shouldn’t be. Elder is a mystery and bit by bit we are drip fed titbits of information regarding his background and that only keeps you reading as you want to find out everything about him.

This is the first book in the Dollar series by Peeper Winters and if this book is only setting the stage for what is to come then I cannot wait. It is always difficult to write a review for book such as this because there is so much that you don’t want to give away but you want to do justice to what you have read. I can say nothing other than this is a must read for 2016.

Reviewed by Louise G.