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Review : The Sapphire Heist by Lauren Blakely

The Sapphire Heist by Lauren Blakely


Suspense, Thriller, Love, Oh my!!!

After reading the Sapphire Affair, I was left wanting more. I needed to know what is happening. Was Jake really a bad guy? Please no. With that, I could not wait to get my pretty little hands on the Sapphire Heist.

AND OH MY GOODNESS. I could not put my kindle down. Lauren Blakely sucked me in. This novel was such a quick read. Again, I could not put it down. LOVE AND LOVE this sequel.
Jake and Steph’s relationship is so damn hot, it left me wanting to read more of their fun moments. The feelings they had for another was so vividly strong. You felt every emotion they had for one another. While they were falling in love with each other, you were falling in love with them.

Then the story itself, was a continuance from the first book. It left you thinking, what is the next move? Who did it? And plenty of oh my goodness moments. Like I said about the first book, Sapphire Affair, that it reminded me of a movie. This one I felt the exactly the same way. When the story ended, I wanted it to continue. You really do fall in love with Jake and Steph. However, part of me feels that Lauren Blakely has something up her sleeves for Jake and Steph. One could only hope.

With that, my rating for this novel is a FANTASTIC FIVE STARS. I could go on and on about how much I loved this sequel but I don’t want to give anything way. So moral of the story, READ IT. You will not be disappointed at all. One click away!

I would like to say, I have never read a Lauren Blakely novel until Sapphire Affair and after reading both Sapphire Affair and Sapphire Heist, I became a huge fan of Ms. Blakely. She is truly an exceptional writer. Thank you and it’s a definite five star rating.

Reviewed by Kris F.