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Review : Say Something by T.A. Roth

Say Something... (The Speak, #1)

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

OK, honestly after reading ‘Say Something’ by TA Roth I found it very hard to write the review.....Not because it was bad... The thing is it started so good, but then it slowed down a lot. Yes I know I'm being selfish in wanting drama and excitement all the time.

The story was developing like real life would, you know get to know each other, small problems, meet the parents. Unfortunately I felt it was very superficial, not deep and maybe that was my problem. I wanted more, like a connection, the book itself was well written it just didn't make me swoon. I know crazy.

I did however like how sweet their relationship was and the way they treated each other. Even the family of Ari scene was enjoyable but like I said something didn't click for me. And the cliff hanger ending was just killer though. Honestly that made me look forward to reading book two as it was creepy and did do its job of pulling me in.

It was just too bad though that it literally took until the end of the book to do so. Anyway just because I wanted a deeper connection does not mean I would say don't read it. On the contrary I say read it and enjoy it. For me this was a solid 3 stars, a good read.

Reviewed by Deanne C.