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Review : Scars by Jaimie Roberts

SCARS by Jaimie Roberts


I had been waiting what felt like forever to get my hands on ‘Scars’ by Jaimie Roberts as I am a huge fan of her work. This was a great read and it gets a well deserving 4 stars from me.

Lily is seventeen years old and has a stalker. Well, he is more of a secret admirer for the first few months but that all changes as time goes. Things escalate further when at a party she is dared into playing seven minutes in heaven and although she is unsure who she is playing it with she takes then bet. Thinking it will be her good friend Max in the bathroom she is shocked to discover it is her stalker. Instantly her body is lit up with the feeling of being close to him. His voice, his height, his bulk and his touch have her senses in overload and it is something she has never known before.

Seven Minutes In Heaven Guy (SMIHG) is as mysterious to us as the reader for a great portion of the book just as he is to Lily. We learn more about him, his feelings and his motivations later in the book and we can start to understand him.

There are more meetings where Lily puts her trust in the hands of SMING and her heightened senses and emotions are something she can’t help but crave. She like the fact that he is there all the time looking out for her too and he says she has the power to make him leave and decide what happens but then how will she cope when she has no longer has the freedom to choose.

SMING is mysterious and dangerous because he has to be. He has done awful things and is not ashamed of it. He will do everything and anything for the ones he loves but the lines blur slightly this time.

What I love about Jaimie’s writing is the characters draw you in and you can’t help but be pulled to the dark characters and try to work them out. Unfortunately this time round I wasn’t completely drawn to the main character and I know Lily’s innocence is part of the story and there is a reason for it but it did grate on me a little as the book went on.

It’s a book with twists and turns, mystery and a sexy stalker with a fractured heart that you can’t help but want to save. The writing is as amazing as ever and it flows so easily that you get caught up without realising how much time has passed. Like a few others of Jaimie’s books this is not a light read at parts and that should be considered, but if you are ok with that then please give this book a go. I can’t wait to read more from the snippet at the end too.
Also, I have to say I liked the inside joke with the mention of the ‘correct’ way to hang toilet roll, which is the something I understand being OCD about.

Reviewed by Louise G.