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Review : Searching for Harmony by Kelly Elliott


Whenever Kelly Elliott has a book out I will automatically one click as I know I am in for a touching emotional dramatic tale of romance that I will love. ‘Searching For Harmony’ was just that. Kelly Elliot has managed to come up with a touching story of love, loss, forgiveness and healing. A great 4 star read.

The story starts with quite a big loss for Harmony and this is when she first comes into contact with Preston. He is a firefighter who responds to a call out of a road traffic accident. This is one of the worst incidents that Preston has ever had to deal with and it has left a lasting impact on him. 

Unable to forget what happened and the look on the woman’s face at the scene is embedded in his mind he has to know how she is and goes to the hospital to find out about her. While at the hospital Preston talks with Harmony’s brother and begins to know more about her. When she wakes and he is there he ends up being the one to console her.

Over time Preston finds himself in the company of Harmony and more and more he can’t ignore the feelings that he has for her. Unfortunately because of what has happened and how he came to know Harmony makes things extremely difficult and a lot more sensitive to pursue but he has never felt like this and it scares and excites him in equal measure.

Harmony has suffered a loss like no one should and has to come to terms with still being alive and having to live on. Harmony feels alone and hurt, she doesn't know how she should and can move forward. The more time she spends with Preston the stronger she feels towards him. These feelings are new to her as she has never had such strong pull and desire to anyone before.

“`Don’t say anything, Harmony. Please just let me love you.` 
Oh. My. Goodness. I have to be dreaming.
`I’m scared,` I whispered.
`I’m scared, too, Harmony,`”

This is another extremely well written novel by Kelly Elliott, told from dual perspective which I always love as I feel like you get to know the characters much better. Your heart will hurt and heal and you will be hoping along with all the other romantics that read Kelly’s books that Harmony and Preston can find their way to each other and be what the other needs. Romance at its best and a book I would truly recommend.

Reviewed by Louise G.