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Review : Shift by Drew Elyse

Shift by Drew Elyse

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

Shift by Drew Elyse is the second novel in the Disciples Daughters series  .
Ashlynn is the daughter of Indian  .  He is a member of the Savage Disciples Motor Cycle Club  .  Her father has been murdered and she blames his association with the Disciples for his death  .  She feels the need to get away from them and away from the only homes that he has ever known  .

Gabe is a member of the Savage Disciples Motor Cycle Club  .  He has been in love with Ashlynn from the very first moment that he met her when they were just kids  .  He made a promise to take care of her from day one  .  And he intends to do so at all costs  .

Five years later  ,  Ashlynn is living not too far away from her previous home and life  .  She has a daughter  ,  Emmaline  ,  and she is a waitress at a diner  .  Until one day  ,  her two worlds collide  .  She is in danger and must return back home to all that she has left behind  .

Being back home is different for Ashlynn  ,  because a lot has changed  ,  but a lot as stayed the same  .  Gage is now Sketch  .  Everyone loves Emmaline upon first meeting her  and they have missed Ashlynn since she left  .  Ashlynn  is very afraid of what the future holds with her being back home  ,  but she is willing to do anything in order to keep her child safe  .

During her time home  ,  she and Sketch start to get closer upon his persistence of the fact  .  He has missed her and craved her since she left him and he will do anything in order to make it so she never leaves again  .

The book was great  .  Love motor cycle club novels. I would give this book 4 stars  .

Reviewed by: Nicole W.