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Review : Surrender To You by Shawntelle Madison

Surrender to You by Shawntelle Madison


I hadn’t read any books by Shawntelle Madison before so was pleased to find that I enjoyed this book and rate as 4 stars. ‘Surrender To You’ is the second in the ‘At Your Service’ series but can most definitely be read as a standalone.

This book is the tale of Carlie Jason and Tomas Goodfellow, friends who mean so much more to one another but because of timing and circumstance they haven’t quite been able to be more than just friends. Being extremely busy and finding themselves on different continents from one another have made things impossible for anything more than just a quick hook up.

Carlie and Tomas contact one another when they know they are going to be in the same place but they only have a day or two tops. The sexual chemistry has never been lacking between them and they have ventured into the world of kink slightly too. They get from each other what no one else can offer them.

Tomas owns various hotels but his specialty is buying and then selling the hotels once he has made them into something great. His latest hotel is on the market but he is having some issues keeping hold of a good concierge and this is where Carlie comes in.

Carlie is back in town for personal reasons and needs to find work to keep her going while she is there. She is struggling to find anything good and contacts an agency for work and is then offered the concierge job in Tomas’ hotel. The job is great but also means that Carlie and Tomas will be in the same place for a while which means that she might need to face her true feelings for him. Tomas knows how he feels about Carlie and this extra time means that he might just be able to convince of those feelings if he can get over his fear of being rejected by her and losing everything they have.

This book was well written and I did like the characters although I have to admit it took a bit of time to warm up to Carlie. Tomas I felt for straight away and was worried how things would work out for him. Missed chances and misunderstandings make this the great read that it is. Written from a dual perspective allows you to get deeper into how they both feel. I will certainly be checking out other books by Shawntelle Madison after this.

Reviewed by Louise G.